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Many inns are family-run businesses with a long tradition. And tradition also plays a big part in the dishes, because here you can still find the classics of Austrian home cooking. In the case of Andreas Döllerer, to be precise, those from the province of Salzburg.

Unlike usual, the dishes in this masterclass are not arranged by course, but by time of day. Because in such an inn, you can easily spend a whole day. Therefore, you will find Andreas' favourite recipes from the 'Frühschoppen' and lunch, to refreshments after hiking and, of course, dinner.


1. Trailer 'Austrian Cuisine'
'A day at the Wirtshaus' - A masterclass full of dishes from master chef Andreas Döllerer's home restaurant. And unlike usual, the dishes in this masterclass are not arranged by dish, but by time of day. Because in such a Wirtshaus, you can easily spend a whole day.

2. An introduction to the ‘Wirtshaus Cuisine’
What is the difference between a restaurant and a 'Wirtshaus'? And is there actually a good translation for a 'Wirtshaus', or is this something they only know in Austria? One thing is certain; the kitchen of the Wirtshaus offers a variety of dishes and Andreas shares his favourites.

3. Meet Andreas Döllerer
Andreas Döllerer grew up in his family's inn and became the head chef at 23. He soon made a name for himself as a creative and innovative talent and his restaurant is now one of Austria's top culinary restaurants. With his creativity, he awakens traditional Alpine delicacies to a new culinary life.

4. “Frühschoppen im Wirtshaus”
Frühschoppen is an institution - on Sunday mornings, after church, everyone visits the Wirtshaus to drink beer, play cards and, of course, eat. Spicy goulash and 'Beuschel' are among those typical dishes not to be missed when talking about Frühschoppen.

5. Spicy goulash
In every Wirtshaus you will find a spicy goulash on the menu. A delicious Hungarian influence that has stuck in Austria and now has countless varieties. Our tip: make the goulash a day in advance to make it taste even better.

6. Trout stuffed with spicy onion and paprika
It may sound crazy but this dish is the ideal medicine after some late night drinking. It is fresh, sour, sweet AND spicy. Keep in mind that it needs about 3 days in the fridge so start on time!

7. Beuschel - Veal stew
Beuschel is a dish from traditional Austrian, Bavarian and Czech cuisine and is prepared with veal organs. The dish does not necessarily have a good reputation but Andreas changes that with this delicious recipe where it is important to clean the veal well beforehand!

8. It’s time for lunch
At lunch, everyone meets in the Wirtshaus. A good mix of vegetarian, light and simple dishes is served.

9. Pumpkin Damnidei with pointed cabbage and pumpkin seed pesto
Damnidei is actually the Austrian version of gnocchi, where the base of the dough is potato and pumpkin. Unlike gnocchi, the Damnidei are not boiled but rather fried in clarified butter. This makes them deliciously crispy, and with the creamy pumpkin seed pesto, this is an ideal vegetarian dish!

10. Breaded sweetbreads with fresh potato salad
When you think of Austria, you naturally think of Schnitzel. But this is a very special one! That's because Andreas uses sweetbreads for this Schnitzel. Sweetbreads are a growth gland that is only found in veal, which makes it a special product but it is absolutely delicious.

11. Stuffed beef roast with cheese mashed potatoes and red wine sauce
Fancy a lovely Sunday lunch? This dish is perfect! Delicious beef rolls, stuffed with vegetables and generously topped with red wine sauce. And you'll feel like you're in Austria after tasting these mashed potatoes, as they are enriched with a delicious mountain cheese.

12. Steamed trout fillet with wasabi and carrot salad
You will normally find it on the menu as “Wurzelfleisch”. A traditional and national dish from Austria. And although Andreas believes that you should never change traditional recipes, he has done so with this dish. He replaces the pork for trout fillet.

13. Family food
Family dinners are highly important to Andreas. That is why you will find the Döllerer family's favourite dishes prepared during holidays and birthdays.

14. Cauliflower crumble with hazelnut béchamel
If Andreas really wants to make his wife happy he prepares this dish for her. A delicious soft cauliflower with hazelnut béchamel sauce and a fresh salad. Believe us; everyone who is served this will ask for the recipe!

15. Barley soup with pork cheek and white beans
This dish is actually a barley stew rather than a soup. This is because Andreas adds pickled pork cheeks. It's a delicious heart-warming dish for cold winter days and ideal for when you have many mouths to fill!

16. Guinea fowl fillets with pointed cabbage and Schupfnudeln
Of course, the menu of a Wirtshaus always includes poultry. Therefore, this dish of guinea fowl fillet could not be missing from this masterclass. You will also learn how to make traditional 'Schupfnudeln'. You know? Those oblong potato noodles that are first boiled and then fried crispy!

17. Traditional Kaiserschmarrn with plum compote
Say Austria, you say Kaiserschmarrn! That delicious fluffy pancake, which you tear into pieces and then fry crispy in the pan. Very popular during winter season. But have you ever made it at home? It's actually very simple and you imagine yourself on an Austrian mountain for a moment.

18. Let's have a coffee
In the afternoon, there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or tea with something sweet to go with it. And instead of a simple biscuit from the supermarket, it is nice to make something yourself. Like these delicious apple fritters and French toast.

19. Apfelradln and Pofesen - Apple fritters and French toast
Two sweet treats you can't resist. The 'Apfelradln', you guessed it..., are made with apple and are a guaranteed hit on the coffee table. The Pofesen are a bit like French toast and are also ideal for dessert or breakfast.

20. After walking
After a long hike in the mountains, Andreas prefers to eat regional dishes. Not too big portions but just enough to replenish his energy.

21. Tartare of chantarelle with a poached egg
Looking for a simple and vegetarian starter? Or a delicious recipe for an extensive brunch in the weekend? Then this chanterelle tartare is just right for you! The recipe is super simple and you only need a few ingredients for this festive dish.

22. Schwarzbeernocken - Blueberry pancakes
This time a real family recipe from the Döllerer's! Andreas's grandmother used to make these pancakes whenever her grandchildren visited her. And now that secret family recipe is finally shared with us.

23. After skiing
Skiing and good food are inseparable as far as we are concerned. A ski day is simply not complete without a delicious lunch in a cosy Wirtshaus. And it doesn’t matter that the food might not always be healthy: we exercise all day and burn a lot of calories!

24. Meat pie with pointed cabbage salad
These traditional 'Krapfen' are actually somewhat similar to Spanish empanadas. 'Krapfen' used to be served as a sweet treat after skiing, but the dish now has a savoury version.

25. Kaspressknödelsuppe - Cheese dumplings in broth
After skiing, a Kaspressknödel soup is a delicacy. The base, as the name suggests, is cheese. And it is called Kaspressknödel because we are going to make 'knödels' (dumplings) and flatten them afterwards (press). It is actually a kind of crispy cheese biscuit in a delicious beef broth.

26. Dinner at the Wirtshaus
In the evening, the Wirtshaus can get very busy. People join each other at the table, order a large glass of beer or wine and dine elaborately. But what's on the menu?

27. Pickled trout with tomato salad and yoghurt foam
At the Wirtshaus, of course, you will find summer dishes too! For example, this tomato salad with pickled trout fillet is a real hit on Andreas' menu. You have to start this dish on time, though, because the fish needs to brine for about 12 hours.

28. Pickled duck breast with lentils and red cabbage salad
When we think of pickling and preserving, we usually think of fish and vegetables. But did you know that you can also pickle meat just fine? Meat gets an unprecedented fine texture and the flavours are fantastic.

29. Roasted veal kidneys with mustard and creamy rice
Forgotten vegetables are being rediscovered, but what about the 'forgotten cuts of meat'? Veal kidneys really are a delicacy, you just need to know how to prepare them. That's why Andreas shares this delicious recipe. Something he eats every year on his birthday!

30. Pancakes filled with curd and strawberry sauce
At the Wirtshaus, you can find these pancakes under the name 'Palatschinken'. They are actually very thin pancakes, filled with curd and topped with a creamy mixture. Serve it with the sweet strawberry sauce and you have a delicious dessert!

31. Closing words from Andreas Döllerer
And so this is what a day at the Wirtshaus looks like! A variety of fantastic dishes that will keep you occupied for a whole day. Feel free to invite all your friends back home for a "day at the Wirtshaus" and spoil them with all the delicacies from this extensive masterclass.

About the chef

Andreas Döllerer grew up in his family's inn and after hotel school and several internships, with Gordon Ramsey among others, he became chef of the inn at 23. He soon made a name for himself as a creative and innovative talent and his restaurant is now one of Austria's top culinary restaurants. With his creativity, he awakens traditional Alpine delicacies to a new culinary life. He uses traditional recipes with modern cooking techniques and is committed to preserving and rediscovering the culture of rural cooking. The combination of these elements makes his Alpine cuisine the perfect, delicious balance between tradition and innovation.

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