Viki Geunes

Jump into the deep end with 3 Michelin starred chef Viki Geunes and discover the sea’s beautiful salty flavours.
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Learn to raise daily dishes like mussels and crab salad up to a three Michelin star level
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About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'salty taste of the sea'
  • 2. Meet Viki Geunes
  • 3. Preface
  • 4. Basic broth for crustaceans and shellfish
  • 5. Oyster with iberico jelly and ajo blanco
  • 6. Crab salad with cauliflower mousse and roasted hazelnuts
  • 7. Prawn bouillon
  • 8. Chawan-mushi with fried prawns and chives
  • 9. Marinated langoustines with grilled pepper and watermelon
  • 10. Boiled cockles with fresh fennel and a light gravy
  • 11. Fried scallops with lardo and burrata
  • 12. Soft-boiled egg with wild garlic mousseline, bread croutons and caviar
  • 13. Mussels and morels with grated Gruyère and jus vin jaune
  • 14. Cod with periwinkles, green asparagus and pickled shallots
  • 15. Cleaning squid
  • 16. Squid pasta carbonara with quail egg and artichoke
  • 17. Epilogue
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Viki Geunes

Viki Geunes life took on a whole new direction after his 20th birthday. Up until that time he had been studying to be an engineer and once qualified, reality hit. He wanted to change course, exchanging engines for ovens. He wasted no time at all, immediately calling restaurants offering his services, or as he said; 'I can't cook, but I'm not afraid of a little hard work.' He landed his first job at De Watermolen in Kasterlee. And it was a while later that he started dreaming about his own business, something which became a reality. Together with his wife they opened ‘t Zilte in Mol, which quickly became a popular destination and was awarded its first Michelin star in 2005. A second quickly followed. They moved the restaurant to Antwerp, in 2020 and just one year later were awarded a third Michelin star.

Class length: 16 video lessons (3 hrs 12 min)

Theme: Salty taste of the sea

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