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About this masterclass

If you have ever marvelled at professional bartenders who conjure up the most beautiful cocktails with all kinds of clever moves and juggling skills, then maybe it’s time to learn the art of cocktail making yourself. You certainly don’t need to be a professional bartender to produce a perfectly balanced cocktail. You won’t even need a cocktail shaker for some cocktails, you can simply find the ingredients in your local shop and Tess even provides alternatives you can use if you don’t have any cocktail tools at home. In short; there’s simply no excuse not to go all out at home and start making some fantastic cocktails for yourself or your friends. Allow Tess to take you into the amazing world of cocktails, familiarise yourself with the history, learn some new tips and tricks and organise a party at home with some fantastic home-made cocktails!


1. Trailer 'mixology & cocktails'
A perfectly balanced cocktail might be one of life's biggest pleasures. And in her masterclass, Tess Posthumus will teach you that turning your living room into a cocktail bar is not difficult at all. Cheers!

2. Meet Tess Posthumus
Multi-award winning Tess Posthumus rarely stands still. Owner of two cocktail bars, she has also written books and lends her expertise as a consultant. Tess reveals the story behind her career in cocktails.

3. Preface
This masterclass serves as a great introduction as Tess shares tips, tricks and essential tools.

4. The Renaissance of the cocktail
During this episode, Tess takes a look back into the history behind the cocktail. As we currently sit in the middle of a cocktail renaissance, learn about the basics and their origins.

5. Garnishes, the basics
Garnishes not only add the wow factor to any cocktail, they also serve a purpose when it comes to flavour. Which is why getting it just right is so important. Watch and learn as Tess shows some of her favourites.

6. Syrups 101
Cocktail syrups are important for both flavour and body of a drink. Here Tess shows how to create your own. Easy to make, they have a long shelf life and can be made in advance.

7. Quick & Easy: Moscow Mule & Paloma
These cocktails require minimum effort, but you will be rewarded with maximum flavour! No need to shake, stir or blend, discover how to put them together using the 'building' technique.

8. Shaken vs Stirred: Martinez & Jack the Ripper
We're all familiar with Bond's 'shaken, not stirred’. Tess explains the difference between the two and what it does to your drink.

9. Bloody Brunch: Red Snapper & Bloody Maria
There's nothing quite like a spicy Bloody Mary to chase away a hangover. Synonymous with a lazy brunch, there are a number of variations of this much loved drink. Tess shows you how to make them all!

10. Aperitivo Hour: White Mezcal Negroni
This classic Italian cocktail is traditionally made with gin, vermouth rosso and Campari. Tess demonstrates how to make the white version, which is a little more citrusy.

11. After dinner: Bakkie Troost & Corpse Reviver #2
Sometimes it's worth saving the best to last and these after dinner cocktails make for the ideal end to an evening with friends. Or, if you're in the mood for a late night, they're the perfect pick-me-up!

12. Egg whites & Vegan alternatives: Whiskey Sour & Amaretto Sour
Egg whites are regularly used in cocktails as they give a rich, creamy texture and a beautiful foamy cap. Here Tess explains how to work them into your drink, plus she has some vegan alternatives up her sleeve.

13. Herbal concoctions: Mojito & Gin Basil Smash
Fresh herbs are a wonderful part of a truly tasty cocktail. Watch and learn as Tess talks through creating these delicious drinks.

14. Margarita twists: Tommy’s Margarita & Monday Margarita
Margarita's are synonymous with Mexico and renowned the world over. A great drink to start off the evening, the citrusy, spicy, salty flavours are nothing short of delicious. Uncover Tess's favourite variations.

15. Passionfruit party: Pornstar Martini & Koko Klapa
Exotic, sweet, yet slightly tart, passion fruit in a cocktail, is always a favourite. Impress your guests with these two fruity numbers.

16. Non-alcoholic cocktails: Seedlip Spice Daiquiri & Speculoos Collins
There are certain occasions when only a 'mocktail' will do. And, thanks to the increasing number of non-alcoholic spirits on the market, the possibilities are endless. Try out some of Tess's favourites.

17. Epilogue
Tess's knowledge and know-how is infectious. Be inspired by what you have seen and dare to step out of your cocktail comfort zone!

About the instructor

With her overall enthusiasm and expertise, Tess is a bartender like no other. She admits her fascination stemmed from watching her grandfather mixing cocktails on a Friday night. However, it wasn't until later down the line that she realised her path lay in mixology. It was whilst studying Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam, that Tess got a taste for the hospitality industry. She spent eight years working in one of the best bars in the world; Door 74 in Amsterdam. Her talent hasn't gone unnoticed. She's won numerous national and international competitions and now is the proud owner of two Amsterdam based cocktail bars, Flying Dutchman and Dutch Courage. As well as shaking cocktails for her customers, she works as a consultant for a number of bars around the world.

There is a true art to making and perfecting a cocktail. Learn from the very best in the business as she shares her top tips.

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