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Haya Molcho takes you to the streets of Tel Aviv! From falafel and sabich to freshly baked pita bread and focaccia. Make your homekitchen a street food paradise.
3 hrs 18 min of exclusive video
Everything is fresh, veggie-heavy, loaded with herbs and layered with flavour.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'Tel Aviv Streetfood'
  • 2. An introduction to the masterclass
  • 3. Meet Haya Molcho
  • 4. Tel Aviv streetfood - Authentic tastes better
  • 5. Must have kitchen tools
  • 6. Main ingredients for Tel Aviv streetfood
  • 7. Classic and Asian tahini
  • 8. Homemade harissa
  • 9. Salted lemons - Sweet, sour and salty
  • 10. Homemade Indian amba
  • 11. Shakshuka with roasted tomatoes and parsley
  • 12. Grilled eggplant with Asian tahini
  • 13. Roasted cauliflower with chimichurri
  • 14. Crispy popcorn falafel
  • 15. Authentic focaccia and pita
  • 16. Vegan pizza with aubergine and tahini
  • 17. Fish kebab with a fresh salad and homemade pita bread
  • 18. Lamb panini with parsley salad
  • 19. Classic sabich with eggplant and spicy salsa
  • 20. Knafeh with cheese, yoghurt ice cream and pistachio
  • 21. Final tips from Haya for a fantastic Tel Aviv dinner
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Haya Molcho

Haya Molcho was born in Tel Aviv and despite several moves during her life, the refined cuisine of her homeland has always stuck with her. Together with her husband, she travelled the world, which enabled her to immerse herself in different food cultures. The result? The concept of Israeli cuisine, combined with street food from around the world, with a touch of gastronomic sophistication. In 2009, she opened her first restaurant NENI together with her sons in Vienna. Since then, NENI has been loved among Europeans and has 10 branches. In this masterclass, Hayo shares her ultimate favourites. With fresh ingredients, lots of vegan and vegetarian dishes and pure joie de vivre, Haya Molcho teaches the colours and flavours of her kitchen.

Class length: 20 video lessons (3 hrs 18 min)

Theme: Tel Aviv Streetfood

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