Davide Civitiello

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Make authentic Neapolitan pizzas at home in your own oven. 9 fantastische recepten waarmee je je even in Napoli waant.
1 hrs 26 min of exclusive video
World champion pizza baker Davide Civitiello will teach you how to prepare the perfect pizza dough in his masterclass.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Meet Davide Civitiello
  • 2. The perfect pizza dough
  • 3. Traditional pizzas: Margherita, marinara, three tomatoes
  • 4. Stuffed calzoni: Classic, double-belly, round
  • 5. The fried pizza: Classic, Battilocchio, Montanara

Davide Civitiello

Davide Civitiello is the undisputed king of Italian pizza. His roots lie in the streets of old Naples. The city of pizza. Davide knew that the art of the pizzeria was his passion from an early age; a true Neapolitan who, as a teenager, spent hours and hours in one of the oldest and most famous pizzerias in Naples. Years of experience taught him not only the authentic traditions and recipes but also the mentality and values passed on from generation to generation. In 2013, he competed against contestants from 47 different countries and won the prestigious Caputo Trophy in his hometown Naples, earning him the well-deserved title of best pizza chef in the world. In this masterclass, he teaches you how to prepare the perfect dough at home and then, with the tastiest toppings, create a pizza that will make your local pizzeria jealous.

Class length: 4 video lessons (1 hrs 26 min)

Theme: Italian pizza

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