Soenil Bahadoer

Soenil Bahadoer's love of Suriname and its fantastic cuisine are the inspiration behind many of his recipes. Discover a new world of flavours throughout his masterclass.
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Uncover culture and cuisine alike with Soenil's array of delicious dishes.
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Feel the energy as Soenil takes you on a culinary journey.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'Teaches a cuisine with spices'
  • 2. Preface
  • 3. Bara
  • 4. Boning a lamb
  • 5. Lamb stew with curry and achar chutney masala
  • 6. Potato chutney & tomato chutney
  • 7. Boning an entire chicken
  • 8. Chicken rouleau
  • 9. Yellow dhal with spinach and chicken rouleau
  • 10. Vegetarian pointed cabbage rendang
  • 11. European lobster with apple curry
  • 12. Filleting a turbot
  • 13. Turbot marinated in vadouvan with pad thai and tayer leaf
  • 14. Halibut tandoori with pumpkin and coconut masala
  • 15. Langoustine with antiboise and a mango chutney vinaigrette
  • 16. Epilogue
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Soenil Bahadoer

Food has always been a central part of Soenil's life. Thanks to his mother and grandmother, who spent all day in the kitchen, he learned the joys of cooking at a very young age. Born in Suriname, he moved to The Netherlands when he was just eight, but never left his culinary roots behind. He opened his restaurant De Lindehof in Nuenen in 1995 and was awarded his first Michelin star in 2004, the second followed ten years later. He was also named ‘Chef of the Year’ by Gault & Millau in 2020. He is still busy with his restaurant to this day, however, throughout Covid, he started up a a food truck and took his spicy eats to the streets!

Class length: 15 video lessons (3 hrs 31 min)

Theme: A cuisine with spices

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