A cuisine with spices

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You're going to be left in no doubt about this chef’s energy in Soenil’s masterclass. He will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and to experiment with herbs and spices. You will most definitely feel inspired by the enjoyment and enthusiasm with which this chef presents his masterclass and it will undoubtedly motivate you to bring out that best chef in you too. As he indicated himself, ‘cooking is occasionally falling flat on your face’ and by that he means that things can go wrong every now and then, but ultimately that will only serve to teach you more. That’s the exact way he managed to reach the top too and that’s how you can develop your own taste. Discover Soenil’s cuisine and culture in this masterclass and possibly add your own little twist too.


1. Trailer 'Teaches a cuisine with spices'
Step out of your comfort zone with Michelin chef Soenil Bahadoer, and learn to experiment with herbs and spices. Discover Soenil's kitchen and culture in his unique masterclass.

2. Preface
Cooking is in his blood. Inspired by his mother and grandmother, he was already fascinated by food from a young age. His use of spices and herbs makes for truly original dishes.

3. Bara
If you are unfamiliar with bara, then now is the time to discover how to make this tasty snack. Originally from Hindustan, this dish is made using lentils and is something Soenil used to make with his mother.

4. Boning a lamb
This is another one of those all essential masterclasses. Soenil shows how to make light work of a task that can feel quite daunting. Make sure you use a good sharp knife.

5. Lamb stew with curry and achar chutney masala
Now you have mastered how to prepare lamb, this curry is a must cook. Soenil uses a whole host of delicious spices, resulting in an incredible intense flavour. Serve with rice, dahl or bara.

6. Potato chutney & tomato chutney
Chutney is an integral part of Indian cuisine and usually served with curry, rice and breads. It provides balance to an array of dishes, or highlights a specific flavour profile. Try your hand at these two delicious variations.

7. Boning an entire chicken
Once again Soenil demonstrates an essential culinary skill in this masterclass, which requires mastering if you would like to prepare his rouleau recipe.

8. Chicken rouleau
A rouleau is traditionally associated with French cuisine, where meat is rolled and stuffed. Here Soenil reveals his take on this classic dish.

9. Yellow dhal with spinach and chicken rouleau
Yellow dhal is a very simple and healthy meal. It can be served on its own, or as an accompaniment, as Seonil shows in this masterclass.

10. Vegetarian pointed cabbage rendang
This rendang differs from the original version as Soenil uses cabbage in place of beef. This particular recipe was inspired by a similar dish prepared by his mother.

11. European lobster with apple curry
The thought of cooking fresh lobster from scratch can feel a little intimidating. Here Soenil guides you through the process, as he creates this mouth-watering curry.

12. Filleting a turbot
Being able to fillet a fish is a great culinary skill to hold. Learn from the best as Soenil demonstrates how to prepare a turbot.

13. Turbot marinated in vadouvan with pad thai and tayer leaf
The delicious blend of spices used in the vadouvan is the secret behind the success of this dish. One of Soenil's signature dishes, you will certainly wow friends and family.

14. Halibut tandoori with pumpkin and coconut masala
This unique dish is another one of Soenil's favourites. Colourful and full of flavour, the tandoori spices are what make this a wonderful meal.

15. Langoustine with antiboise and a mango chutney vinaigrette
This recipe exudes luxury.The white meat of the langoustine combined with the antiboise and vinaigrette are a delicious combination and the perfect dinner party starter.

16. Epilogue
Soenil openly admits that; ‘cooking occasionally requires you to fall flat on your face and keep going until the flavours are just right’. Be inspired by the way he experiments with flavours, playing around with a dish until you can truly own it!

About the chef

Food has always been a central part of Soenil's life. Thanks to his mother and grandmother, who spent all day in the kitchen, he learned the joys of cooking at a very young age. Born in Suriname, he moved to The Netherlands when he was just eight, but never left his culinary roots behind. He opened his restaurant De Lindehof in Nuenen in 1995 and was awarded his first Michelin star in 2004, the second followed ten years later. He was also named ‘Chef of the Year’ by Gault & Millau in 2020.
He is still busy with his restaurant to this day, however, throughout Covid, he started up a a food truck and took his spicy eats to the streets!

Soenil Bahadoer's love of Suriname and its fantastic cuisine are the inspiration behind many of his recipes. Discover a new world of flavours throughout his masterclass.

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