Roger van Damme

Discover the wonderful world of patisserie with Roger van Damme. Voted Best Pastry Chef in the World.
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Perfect pancakes, brownies, apple pie, banana bread and more!
3 hrs 9 min of exclusive video
Now is the time to preheat the oven, grease the baking trays and get ready to bake.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'desserts & pastry'
  • 2. Meet Roger van Damme
  • 3. Preface
  • 4. The perfect pancake
  • 5. Butter cake with fresh lemon
  • 6. Banana bread with caramelised bananas
  • 7. Madeleines
  • 8. The best brownie
  • 9. Roll biscuit with chocolate mousse and berries
  • 10. Choux pastry
  • 11. Paris-brest
  • 12. Brugse 'kletskoppen'
  • 13. Basic biscuit
  • 14. Crème patissiere
  • 15. Magnificent mocha cake
  • 16. The classic apple pie
  • 17. Summery cake with berries
  • 18. Epilogue
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Roger van Damme

Roger van Damme fell in love with baking at the tender age of 10. He remembers his father making cookies and the incredible aromas as they were in the oven. From then on baking became a hobby and over time, his true passion. He began a pastry chef apprenticeship in Bruges and in 1994 went on to open his own restaurant, Het Gebaar. He was soon awarded the GaultMillau prize for the best dessert menu. 2010 was a memorable year; he received a Michelin star, was awarded 18/20 by GaultMillau and, last but by no means least, was voted Chef of the Year! But things didn't stop there, in 2017 he was awarded perhaps the most prestigious accolade to date, ‘Best Pastry Chef in the World’. For Roger, life really is sweet.

Class length: 17 video lessons (3 hrs 9 min)

Theme: Desserts & pastry

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