Luciano Monosilio

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Carbonara is a science whose secrets are now finally shared by the true carbonara king Luciano Monosilio.
1 hrs 3 min of exclusive video
Discover how carbonara can be reinvented and used in a versatile way, with a pinch of creativity to make it the star of an entire menu.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Meet Luciano Monosilio
  • 2. Carbonara ingredients
  • 3. The perfect pasta carbonara Free episode
  • 4. “Leftover” carbonara with a Pecorino foam
  • 5. Lamb with carbonara mix, carrots and turnip tops

Luciano Monosilio

Luciano Monosilio was only 26 years old when he was awarded a star by Michelin. After more than ten years of experience in some of the most prestigious Italian restaurants, he started his mission to tell the Italian gastronomic story, to bring out the best in traditional recipes, to perfect them and make them accessible to everyone. This ambassador of pasta, internationally known as the King of Carbonara, has made the recipe for his cult dish, the Signature Carbonara, his own. In this unique masterclass, he shares his secret recipe so you can prepare the ultimate pasta Carbonara at home.

Class length: 4 video lessons (1 hrs 3 min)

Theme: Pasta Carbonara special

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