Najat Kaanache

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Discover the colourful world of Moroccan Cuisine. Master the classics, including kofta, bissara and couscous, plus a whole lot more.
1 hrs 58 min of exclusive video
Admired and respected, Najat Kaanache is often described as the best Moroccan chef in the business. Making her the perfect person to learn from.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer Authentic Moroccan Cuisine
  • 2. Meet Najat Kaanache
  • 3. Vegetarian couscous with caramelised onions
  • 4. Kofta tajine with tomato sauce
  • 5. Barbecue grilled sardines with chermoula
  • 6. Authentic Harira soup with chickpeas
  • 7. Shakshuka with grilled vegetables
  • 8. Seafood b'stilla
  • 9. Smoky eggplant zaalouk
  • 10. Grilled marinated chicken with preserved lemons
  • 11. M'Smen Moroccan flatbread
  • 12. Moroccan bissara Free episode
  • 13. Traditional beef tajine with green peas
  • 14. Gaariba cookies with ground almonds
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Najat Kaanache

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Najat Kaanache is truly one of the best. Having worked at Michelin starred restaurants, Noma*** and El Bulli*** she now has her own establishment, Nur, in Fez. Applauded for her outstanding culinary expertise, she's been awarded The World's Best Moroccan Cuisine two years in a row. Her masterclass takes you on a journey through Morocco, exploring the unique and wonderful flavours, produce and spices, whilst sharing her interpretation of traditional dishes such as couscous and tagine.

Class length: 13 video lessons (1 hrs 58 min)

Theme: Teaches Authentic Moroccan Cuisine

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