Julien Abourmad

Simply put, the best baker in town. Be it croissants, breads, cakes and pastries, he's the man in the know.
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Discover how to create French classics including, pain au chocolat, brioche, sourdough éclairs and lemon meringue pie!
1 hrs 50 min of exclusive video
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About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'French bakery & pastry'
  • 2. Meet Julien Abourmad
  • 3. An introduction to bread making
  • 4. Classic French brioche
  • 5. Julien's signature babka
  • 6. Hallot
  • 7. Sourdough bread: 3 varations
  • 8. Tomato and feta focaccia
  • 9. An introduction to pastry making
  • 10. Croissants and pain au chocolat
  • 11. Authentic canelés
  • 12. Triple chocolate éclair
  • 13. Raspberry pavlova pie with whipped cream
  • 14. Juliens favourite lemon meringue pie
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Julien Abourmad

Meet Julien Abourmad, the best baker in Paris. Owner and co-founder of The French Bastards, Julien spends his days keeping Parisian customers well fed with delicious bakes from croissants to cruffins. He began his culinary journey at Potel et Chabot, the high-end catering company. From there he worked with Alain Ducasse at his renowned Manufacture de Chocolat and, with a wealth of experience, travelled to the other side of the world. It was in Australia that he started working in Mike McEnearney’s bakery, where he earned not only a great deal of knowledge, but also his nickname, the French bastard.

Class length: 13 video lessons (1 hrs 50 min)

Theme: French bakery & pastry

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