Johan Jureskog

Meat lovers, tune in for Johan Jureskog's ‘Steaks & Burgers’ masterclass - a real must-see!
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Juicy burgers, delicious steaks and impressive signature dishes: it's time to fire up that grill!
3 hrs 56 min of exclusive video
The Swedish ‘Meat King’ embraces rustic cooking, where taste prevails above all.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'Steaks & Burgers'
  • 2. Meet Johan Jureskog
  • 3. Béarnaise Sauce
  • 4. The Perfect Beef
  • 5. Lamb Racks with Feta, Fennel and Lemon Free episode
  • 6. Johan’s Perfect Patty
  • 7. Gourmet Signature Burger
  • 8. My Signature: ‘High-five Burger’
  • 9. Porterhouse – AG’s signature dish
  • 10. Pata Negra-packed Veal Entrecôte with chanterelles
  • 11. Red wine braised beef cheek with truffle potato purée
  • 12. Butter-fried sweetbread with truffles
  • 13. Confit pork belly with cabbage & roasted garlic
  • 14. Jellied Veal with Parmesan, Caponata & Rocket Salad
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Johan Jureskog

Time to ‘meat’ the Meat King of Sweden: Johan Jureskog! His culinary experience runs deep. He's worked in Michelin star restaurants in both Sweden and France, whilst acquiring some prestigious awards along the way, including the Cooking Olympics in Erfurt 2004 and the Swedish gastronomic gold medal. Today he is best known for his three restaurants; AG, bistro Rolfs Kök and burger chain Jureskogs. His expertise in the world of meat is second to none. He can tell the life history of a piece of meat, simply by looking at it. And when it comes to creating the juiciest burger, or most delicious steak, he is the man. Above all, he remains true to his cooking - it's all about the flavour and finding the perfect taste.

Class length: 13 video lessons (3 hrs 56 min)

Theme: Steaks & Burgers

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