Gianluca di Taranto

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About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'an introduction to wine'
  • 2. Meet Gianluca di Taranto
  • 3. Philosophy of wine making
  • 4. The importance of glassware
  • 5. Corks and screwcaps
  • 6. Decanting and Aeration
  • 7. The basics of white wine
  • 8. The basics of red wine
  • 9. Champagne & sparkling wines
  • 10. The basics of rosé
  • 11. Sweet wines
  • 12. Tasting techniques
  • 13. Get to know Chardonnay
  • 14. Get to know Syrah
  • 15. Food & Wine pairings
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Gianluca di Taranto

Gianluca di Taranto is Italian by birth, but was born and raised in Belgium. His love of food and drink is intrinsic; his parents own the famous Spiga d’Oro, and have done so for many years. It was his father who first introduced him to the world of wine. He would be 'dragged' to some of Italy's leading wine estates, but at that time showed little interest. In 2004, things changed. He started working for his parents in their restaurant on a permanent basis and discovered his love of wine. So much so he completed a three year sommelier course and in 2013 started working as a sommelier in Antwerp's Zilte*** . Soon after, in 2014, he moved to The Jane in Antwerp and worked there until 2021. Within that time the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. Never standing still, Gianluca used his holiday's to further his experience, working at a number of places including Piazza Duomo*** and Osteria Francescana***. Not short of accolades, his expertise has been recognised on an international level. In 2018 he received the Gault & Millau Benelux Sommelier of the Year and also Best Sommelier in Belgium in both 2019 and 2020. He's currently a stage one student at the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine, in London, where he hopes to be recognised in the not too distant future as an official, 'Master of Wine'.

Class length: 14 video lessons (1 hrs 50 min)

Theme: An introduction to wine

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