Gaggan Anand

Let award winning chef Gaggan Anand inspire you in his first ever masterclass.
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Learn how to cook incredible Indian street food with one of Asia's top chefs
2 hrs 24 min of exclusive video
From fish paturi to fried chicken: Gaggan Anand's unique culinary style will guarantee fireworks in your kitchen.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'Chaos with Gaggan'
  • 2. Meet Gaggan Anand
  • 3. Traditional fish paturi
  • 4. Indian duck confit
  • 5. Eggplant bharta taco
  • 6. Indian chai latte
  • 7. Simple crab curry Free episode
  • 8. Chicken 69
  • 9. Tomato soup consommé
  • 10. Chicken Tikka Masala
  • 11. Paneer pakora with green chutney
  • 12. Indian masala omelette
  • 13. Cauliflower with cumin and turmeric
  • 14. Palak paneer
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Gaggan Anand

One of Asia's most lauded chefs, Gaggan Anand has made waves across the culinary scene for years. He's been a foodie ever since he was a small boy and can clearly remember trips to the wet market with his father and the subsequent meal preparation thereafter. His unique and creative approach to cooking, marrying modern cuisine and traditional Indian flavours, has made him one of the most exciting chefs in the world. In his first ever masterclass, Gaggan will teach you how to make incredible Indian street food from your own kitchen.

Class length: 13 video lessons (2 hrs 24 min)

Theme: Chaos with Gaggan

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