Erik & Juliën van Loo

It's not often that you find father and son working alongside each other in the kitchen. Here top duo Erik and Juliën van Loo share their culinary expertise.
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Be inspired by father and son. They really are a formidable team!

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'cooking is emotion & passion'
  • 2. Preface
  • 3. Gillardeau sweet chili oyster with caramelised peanut
  • 4. Scallops with chicory salad and a Thousand Island vinaigrette
  • 5. Potato cream soup with truffle
  • 6. Poussin with pommes neuf, a creamy mushroom sauce and asparagus
  • 7. Tiramisu of Dutch syrup waffles
  • 8. Drying herbs
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Erik & Juliën van Loo

Erik van Loo was born in Mechelen, South Limburg and, as a butcher’s son, already had a keen eye for fresh produce from a very early age. It was after training in the industry and gaining valuable experience that he decided to open his own restaurant, Duurstede, where he was awarded his first Michelin star. A few years later he took over Parkheuvel in Rotterdam and by 2009 had received a further two Michelin stars. His son, Juliën, inherited a love of good food and took himself off to Sydney, to gain valuable experience, away from his father's shadow. On returning he joined Erik in the kitchen at Parkheuvel. Today they keep each other in check, and are a tremendous team, wowing diners with their incredible eats.

Class length: 7 video lessons (1 hrs 18 min)

Theme: Cooking is emotion & passion

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