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May 2024
Spanish cuisine: Cantabria

Jesús Sánchez

Jesús Sánchez is one of the most famous Spanish chefs in the world. His restaurant, Cenador de Amòs, has been an institution in Spain since 1993. His starred career began with his first Michelin star in 1995 and ended with his third in 2019. Jesùs' cuisine is based on three pillars, Navarrese, French and Cantabrian cuisine.

Expected: May 2024
June 2024
Moluccan cuisine

Dennis Huwaë

Dennis Huwaë, chef and co-owner of Restaurant Daalder, is known for his eclectic cooking style that combines global influences with a progressive vision. With an impressive culinary career and a keen eye for detail, Dennis has made his mark on the Dutch culinary world. In his masterclass, he shares his approach to cooking, deeply rooted in his Moluccan heritage and enriched by international experiences. Dennis' dishes are a mix of traditional techniques and modern innovations, turning simple ingredients into extraordinary creations. In this masterclass, Dennis teaches you the essence of cooking. He shares his secrets for turning simple, high-quality products into extraordinary culinary creations. Discover his vision and be inspired by his unparalleled craftsmanship.

Expected: June 2024
Summer 2024
Simple gastronomy

Jacob Jan Boerma II

Step back into the culinary world of Chef Jacob Jan Boerma during his second masterclass. After the great success of his first masterclass and the many enthusiastic reactions and photos of his dishes, a second masterclass was of course inevitable. What the theme will be, we will keep secret for now! But we can already tell you that it will be stunning and creative dishes with a gastronomic twist. Let yourself be guided by the passion and expertise of this renowned chef, and discover a world of flavours that will enchant you. Cook like a professional, share Jacob Jan Boerma's unique signature and create an unforgettable experience at home.

Expected: Summer 2024
July 2024
The 5 Japanese cooking techniques

Hokkai Kitchen

Kuniyoshi Ohtawara is a chef from Tokyo who has been working in the Netherlands since 2005 to spread Japanese cuisine among the Dutch population. He does this from his restaurant Hokkai Kitchen in IJmuiden and with his brand new cookbook Hokkai - The Taste of Japan in IJmuiden. 'Hokkai' means North Sea and indicates what the restaurant is all about: fish. Wherever possible, directly from the North Sea, but for the products that do not come ashore in IJmuiden, Kuniyoshi also sources ingredients from Japan such as scallops, wood-aged miso, and soy sauce. In this masterclass, Kuniyoshi takes you through the five basic techniques in Japanese cuisine using recipes from the Hokkai cookbook. For example, he shows you how to properly cut beautiful fish (kiru) and steam silky-smooth chawan-mushi (musu). Also covered are grilling (yaku), stewing (niru), and deep-frying (ageru). Each one essential basic technique for those who want to learn to cook Japanese at home.

Expected: July 2024
Summer 2024
Italian Fine Dining

Pasquale Carfora

Pasquale Carfora is a master at refining Italian cuisine. In Restaurant Aroma, located in the heart of the Veluwe, The Netherlands, Pasquale strives to redefine the Italian dining experience and elevate it to the standards of fine dining. Together with his wife, Elisa Leune, who is also of Italian descent, they are dedicated to showcasing the rich culinary heritage of their native Italy, particularly the Agro Pontino region. At Aroma, the focus is on refining Italian quality and local seasonal products from the Veluwe. In Pasquale's masterclass, you will learn all about the very best Italian products and how to create an authentic Fine Dining experience from Italian cuisine. Everyone knows pasta bolognese, mushroom risotto, or tiramisu, but how do you turn classic Italian dishes into a serious Fine Dining experience? Pasquale will teach you in the upcoming masterclass.

Expected: Summer 2024
Summer 2024
Plant to plate

Wim & Jos

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, you will find restaurant De Kas (The Greenhouse) in park Frankendeal. A former greenhouse from the early 20th century forms the backdrop for this beautiful restaurant. De Kas is famous for its farm-to-table concept, with the gardens in Amsterdam and the Beemster forming the soul of the menu. Many of the ingredients used in the dishes are grown directly in their own greenhouse or produced locally. The culinary duo Jos and Wim previously received a Michelin star at restaurant Rijks. Now, at Restaurant De Kas, they also received a Michelin star and even a green Michelin star. In this masterclass, they share their philosophy for sustainable and seasonal cooking and you will discover their unique approach to gastronomy.

Expected: Summer 2024
Summer 2024
Food styling and photography

Food styling special

Instagram is filled with it: beautiful photos of scrumptious dishes. Without actually tasting the dish, your mouth is already watering. But at home, it is not always easy to prepare your dish so beautifully, and somehow you might not even manage to get it right in the photo. A pity, because after a day of hard work in the kitchen you want it to look as tasty in the photo as it does in real life. That is why in this masterclass you will not only learn how to arrange your dishes beautifully, but you will also get wonderful tips and tricks for the ultimate food photo. Great food photography goes hand in hand with the careful styling of the food and the use of light. Learn all the fundamental skills that will leave all your friends hungry after seeing your food photos.

Expected: Summer 2024
Fall 2024
Modern French Cuisine II

Michael Nizzero II

After his successful first masterclass in which Michael Nizzero shared with you his signature dishes, a second masterclass was bound to happen. This time, he goes back to basics and teaches you some simple techniques and recipes from French cuisine that any home cook can use. He then shares some of his vegetarian favourites, showing how versatile you can cook without meat or fish. It is Michael's mission to pass on his knowledge to as many culinary epicureans as possible, and this passion is reflected in his masterclass. Learn all about modern, vegetarian French cuisine with Michael Nizzero.

Expected: Fall 2024