The World of Whisky

About this masterclass

In 10 lessons, Whisky Expert Matt Don Griot takes you on a trip to explore the World of Whisky and unveil the easiest ways to understand this “water-of-life”. He leads you on a mouthwatering hunt for the world’s most satisfying whisky pairings. You’ll learn to cook with whisky, sometimes even add it to the food!

You’ll also discover brands that are redefining the whisky approach with innovative products and attractive serves. Dig into the best whiskies, crafted by dedicated teams who distill passion, creativity and hard work into every drop.


1. Trailer 'The world of whisky'
Get inspired by this unique and special masterclass on the world's most beloved spirit. Matt Don Griot will intruce you to the world of whisky and teaches you everything you need to know about this liquid sunshine.

2. Water of life - where it all began
Matt Don Griot dives into the history pages to uncover how it all started. Get answers on questions such as where did whisky start, where does the word whisky come from? And take the first steps of your journey through the world of whisky

3. Distilling the world’s most beloved spirit
Enter the distillery and get a behind the scenes look at all the steps that turn 3 simple ingredients into the famous ‘water-of-life’. From field to glass, this episode provides an in-depth view on the whisky production process.

4. The magic of maturation – With Master Blender Sandy Hyslop
With nearly 40 years of experience, who better to tell you about the importance of maturation than Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. Sandy holds the prestigious title Director of Blending and Inventory across all Chivas Brothers’ blended Scotch whisky. He will tell you all about the importance of maturation, different casks, and finishes, and what happens inside the cask, that proves to be so vital to the final flavour of whisky.

5. Malt or blended – A closer look?
Scotch, malts & blends. Many names for many different types of whisky. Discover the Scottish whisky regions, learn what the terminology entails, and explore the art of blending.

6. Whisk(e)y around the world
Do you spell whisky with or without an ‘e’? Matt Don Griot helps to show you the rich traditions and elaborate productions behind whisky, beloved — and enjoyed — around the globe. There is much to learn about the different styles of whisk(e)y around the world, and how that affects the beautiful ‘water-of-life’.

7. How to choose your whisky?
There is a whisky for everyone, but how do you know what to choose? Different types of whisky, regions and countries can be overwhelming. This episode will help you navigate the shelves with a few handy tips, to help you discover the perfect bottle for you.

8. Time for a dram: the art of tasting
Always enjoy whisky the way you prefer it, never let anyone tell you differently. Matt provides you with his tips on how to best enjoy whisky and what glassware to use. Follow the steps of nosing, tasting, and savouring. Explore your whisky even further by adding water or even ice!

9. Let’s shake things up with cocktails
Whisky cocktails taboo? The world’s first cocktails were whisky-based! Discover a few classics, shake things up with some modern twists and take the final step to boost your whisky experiences to new levels! Once you have tasted these recipes, that old taboo will be a thing of the past. Tasting is believing.

10. Never go wrong with those whisky pairings
Matt Don Griot loves cooking with whisky, sometimes he even adds it to the food. Come across some elegant whisky food pairings and enter a world of flavour combinations. Get inspired by Matt’s suggestions and be sure to check out the workbook for the detailed recipes!

11. The Glenlivet: redefining whisky
As one of the world’s leading whiskies, The Glenlivet aims to create innovative whiskies that tantalise the senses. Matt highlights 6 different expressions from The Glenlivet range, each with their own unique character. Showcasing the diversity of whisky even within one brand. The heart of The Glenlivet is known for its 3 f’s: fruity, floral, and fresh. This is further complemented through unique cask influences. Come explore why this is a ‘must-try’ for both novice and expert whisky drinkers.

About the instructor

Matt Don Griot is THE go-to person for any whisky-related topics. He has been working in the hospitality industry all his life and has become an expert in whisky. As a whisky Brand Ambassador, his mission is to inspire people to go out there, explore the whisky category and enjoy whisky in their own personal way.

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