Richard Juhlin

Take a tour through the world of Champagne with the world's number one expert.
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All you need to know about this fabulous bottle of fizz.
2 hrs 53 min of exclusive video
An exclusive series, Richard Juhlin shares his passion and knowledge about Champagne and all that it has to offer.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Trailer 'the world of Champagne'
  • 2. The history of Champagne
  • 3. Making Champagne
  • 4. The basics of Champagne
  • 5. Non-Vintage Champagnes
  • 6. Introduction to Blanc de Blancs
  • 7. Introduction to Blanc de Noirs
  • 8. Luxurious Champagne: Cuvée de Prestige
  • 9. Introduction to Rosé Champagne
  • 10. Pairing Champagne & Food
  • 11. Old Champagne
  • 12. Blind Tasting
  • 13. The Godfather of Organic Champagne: Anselme Selosse
  • 14. Champagne Hiking
  • 15. Tasting Laurent-Perrier wines
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Richard Juhlin

Let the world’s number one Champagne expert in the world guide you through the wonderful world of Champagne: Richard Juhlin. Most famous for his skills in blind taste testing, he has held the world record for most Champagne ever tasted – close to 12,000 unique Champagnes! Not only has he enjoyed one of the world’s best Champagne, he also designed Champagne glasses, and he wrote multiple books about Champagne. His book “A scent of Champagne” was translated into five languages and won the prestigious title ‘Best wine book in the world’ at the World Cook Book Awards in Beijing. If there’s one person who could share his knowledge and enthusiasm for France’s greatest gift, it’s Richard.

Class length: 14 video lessons (2 hrs 53 min)

Theme: The world of Champagne

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