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A masterclass for the advanced creative chef who wants to challenge themselves at the highest level.
4 hrs 29 min of exclusive video
Creative, surprising and highly innovative.

About this masterclass

  • 1. Meet Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro en Eduard Xantruch
  • 2. Truffle special 1 - The black diamant
  • 3. Truffle special 2 - The black diamant
  • 4. The versatility of the tomato
  • 5. Crispy egg yolk with mushroom jelly
  • 6. Fried egg with truffle yolk
  • 7. Gazpacho sandwich
  • 8. Algae special 1 - Food of the future
  • 9. Algae special 2 - Food of the future
  • 10. Shellfish special 1 - Gifts from the sea
  • 11. Shellfish special 2 - Gifts from the sea
  • 12. The optimal flavour of shrimps
  • 13. Disfrutar’s Signature macaroni carbonara
  • 14. Spectacular corn cob with beef gravy
  • 15. Fresh tomato salad with mango and baby almonds
  • 16. Tortell of special dough and fresh whipped cream
  • 17. Haute cuisine raspberry cheesecake
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Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch; three award-winning chefs who worked together at the renowned restaurant El Bulli, which completely revolutionised the international culinary world. When the restaurant closed, they decided to stay together and continue cooking and working together. In 2014, they opened the restaurant Disfrutar, which today is ranked third among the best restaurants in the world. In this unique masterclass, they will teach you all about gastronomic and creative cooking. Some of the lessons will be challenging but above all instructive and inspiring.

Class length: 16 video lessons (4 hrs 29 min)

Theme: Innovative Spanish Cuisine

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