Paul Foster

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About this masterclass

  • 1. Classic red wine sauce Free episode
  • 2. The basics of a good gravy
  • 3. Homemade Hollandaise sauce
  • 4. Basic recipe for a French mayonnaise
  • 5. Silky smooth mashed potatoes
  • 6. Crispy potato rosti with sage
  • 7. The perfect roast potato
  • 8. Gravlax with kombu seaweed
  • 9. Creamy risotto with shiitake and porcini mushrooms
  • 10. Fried cod with prawns and beurre noisette
  • 11. Roast pork with the perfect crackling
  • 12. The best preparation method for fillet and sirloin steak
  • 13. Pasta rotolo with butternut squash and hazelnuts
  • 14. Authentic cinnamon rolls
  • 15. Gingerbread Christmas cookies with frosting
  • 16. Festive chocolate yule log
  • 17. Christmas eggnog
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Paul Foster

Paul Foster became interested in food from a young age. His parents were involved in the pub business with his mother running the kitchens and Paul sometimes helping his mother. Building on that interest, he started his path towards becoming a top chef, gaining experience with many Michelin-starred chefs. This allowed him to gain experience in the kitchen of the three-star restaurant L'Auberge de l'Ile in Lyon and he became sous chef at restaurant Sat Bains, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Nottingham. Eager to further his cooking style, he gained further experience in numerous restaurants before finally achieving his dream in 2016; opening his own restaurant Salt. There, he discovered his passion for imparting knowledge and inspiring others. As such, he is a passionate teacher in this masterclass.

Class length: 16 video lessons (2 hrs 56 min)

Theme: Holiday dinner party

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