December 2022
The world of caviar

Caviar Special

The Caviar House "Imperial Heritage", founded and owned by the Colman family, guarantees you the best caviar selection from the most acclaimed sturgeon species. Enjoy one of the most praised sturgeon caviar and treat yourself, your family and friends to this unique caviar experience. As caviar "affineurs", selecting only the best caviar, Imperial Heritage is able to provide their loyal customers with all their gourmet pleasures. They have over 30 years of experience in environmentally sustainable sturgeon farming, giving Imperial Heritage Caviar a luxuriously refined flavour, while always respecting the balance of nature. They work with top chefs around the world. Viki Geunes*** and Frederik Deceuninck* are 2 star chefs who know exactly how to make a caviar dish that not only pleases the eye, but also the palate!

Expected: December 2022
December 2022
Teaches Festive Cuisine

Paul Foster

Paul Foster became interested in food from a young age. His parents were involved in the pub business with his mother running the kitchens and Paul sometimes helping his mother. Building on that interest, he started his path towards becoming a top chef, gaining experience with many Michelin-starred chefs. This allowed him to gain experience in the kitchen of the three-star restaurant L'Auberge de l'Ile in Lyon and he became sous chef at restaurant Sat Bains, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Nottingham. Eager to further his cooking style, he gained further experience in numerous restaurants before finally achieving his dream in 2016; opening his own restaurant Salt. There, he discovered his passion for imparting knowledge and inspiring others. As such, he is a passionate teacher in this masterclass where he will teach you to cook some festive dishes that are perfect for special occasions.

Expected: December 2022
January 2023
Teaches healthy Spanish cuisine

Carme Ruscalleda

In a world where the majority of chefs are men, Carme Ruscalleda has managed to create a niche for herself and become a role model for every other female chef. She became the first and only woman with seven Michelin stars, an impressive and unique achievement. Her gastronomic story is reflected in a constant dialogue with traditional recipes, which she reinterprets with imagination and a scrupulous respect for the product. In her masterclass, discover the keys to tasty and essential cooking: healthy cooking. You will learn different techniques, the importance of the product and, of course, Carme will show you step by step her best healthy recipes.

Expected: January 2023
January 2023
Teaches The world of whisky

Whisky special

Whisky expert Matt Don Griot takes you on a trip to explore the world of whisky and unveil the easiest ways to understand this “water-of-life”, serving up cocktails and helpful tips along the way. Matt Don Griot is THE go-to person for any whisky-related topics. He has been working in the hospitality industry all his life and has become an expert in whisky. His mission? Make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself with whisky. Matt Don Griot will lead you on a mouthwatering hunt for the world's most satisfying whisky pairing. You’ll also learn to cook with whisky, sometimes even add it to the food. You’ll discover brands that are redefining the whisky approach with innovative products and attractive serves. Dig into the best whiskies, crafted by dedicated teams who distill passion, creativity and hard work into every drop. Matt Don Griot journeys across Scotland to uncover how whisky was created and expanded through the centuries. He will show the rich traditions and elaborate productions behind whisky, beloved — and enjoyed — around the globe.

Expected: January 2023
February 2023
Teaches Austrian cuisine

Andreas Döllerer

Andreas Döllerer grew up in his family's inn and after hotel school and several internships, with Gordon Ramsey among others, he became chef of the inn at 23. He soon made a name for himself as a creative and innovative talent and his restaurant is now one of Austria's top culinary restaurants. With his creativity, he awakens traditional Alpine delicacies to a new culinary life. He uses traditional recipes with modern cooking techniques and is committed to preserving and rediscovering the culture of rural cooking. The combination of these elements makes his Alpine cuisine the perfect, delicious balance between tradition and innovation. Unlike usual, the dishes in this masterclass are not arranged by course, but by time of day. Because in an inn like this, you can easily spend a whole day. That is why you will find Andreas' favourite recipes here, from early breakfast and late lunch, over refreshments after hiking and skiing, to dinner.

Expected: February 2023
March 2023
Teach New Dutch cuisine

Jonnie & Thérèse Boer

In the Netherlands, the name Jonnie Boer is synonymous with De Librije. This Dutch 3 Michelin starred restaurant has been led by Jonnie and his wife Thérèse for over 30 years. It is lauded for its innovative kitchen, heavily influenced by nature and its seasons. In his masterclass Jonnie will teach you to cook with pure and biological seasonal products and share some of his signature dishes, for which Thérèse will provide matching wine advice.

Expected: March 2023