October 2022
Teaches Royal cooking

Darren McGrady

Learn to cook royally with the renowned 'Royal chef' Darren McGrady. In the 1980s, he worked at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London and quickly became Chef-de-partie Saucier. His style of cooking caught the eye and this did not go unnoticed by the Royal Household. In 1982, he moved to the Royal Kitchen at Buckingham Palace, where he cooked for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and their guests for many years. After 11 years, he went to work at Kensington Palace as private chef to Princess Diana, William and Harry. So if anyone knows what Royal cooking is all about, it's Darren. In his masterclass, he shares the favourite dishes of the British royal family and teaches you how to cook a royal dish at home.

Expected: October 2022
October 2022
Teaches his favourites

Per Morberg

Per Morberg is best known for his roles in major Swedish series and films. However, his cooking skills are also one of his great talents. He trained as a chef at the prestigious Kristineberg Hotel and Restaurant School, and then worked in a number of high-class restaurants such as Riche and Café Opera. However, he longed for the stage and started the Theatre School in Gothenburg. After years of focusing on acting, he decided to combine his passions. He now appears more and more in cooking shows and was a guest in Sweden's Master Chef. When Per cooks, it is exuberant, inspiring and full of emotion, colour and taste. In his unique masterclass, he will teach you his favourites including some real Swedish delicacies.

Expected: October 2022
October 2022
Teach New Dutch cuisine

Jonnie & Thérèse Boer

In the Netherlands, the name Jonnie Boer is synonymous with De Librije. This Dutch 3 Michelin starred restaurant has been led by Jonnie and his wife Thérèse for over 30 years. It is lauded for its innovative kitchen, heavily influenced by nature and its seasons. In his masterclass Jonnie will teach you to cook with pure and biological seasonal products and share some of his signature dishes, for which Thérèse will provide matching wine advice.

Expected: October 2022
November 2022
Teaches Portugese cuisine

José Avillez

Considered as one of the greatest Portuguese chefs: José Avillez! His restaurant, Belcanto by José Avillez, was distinguished with two Michelin stars in 2014 – making it the first restaurant in Lisbon to receive two stars. Due to the award, José Avillez became the first Portuguese chef in Portugal with two stars! José, currently the owner of multiple successful restaurants, stands out because of his enterprising spirit and willingness to go one step further. His main focus? To promote Portuguese gastronomy and contribute to making Portugal a top gastronomic destination. We believe he will make it happen.

Expected: November 2022